This scheme is for the reconfiguration and extension of a two bedroom ground floor flat within a typical Victorian terrace in Camberwell. We were asked to develop a scheme that would provide the clients (a young couple) with a larger, lighter living space that was designed specifically to accommodate their lifestyle.

We are proposing to reconfigure the internal layout to add a second bathroom & a storage/utility space at the center of the plan, utilizing the darkest part of the building to accommodate these functional elements of the brief. The kitchen is proposed to be re arranged in its current location, with a simple brick rear extension  housing a new living room connected to the garden. The key intervention is a new brickwork garden wall running along the length of the side of the property, with a series of recesses built into it, housing bespoke functional elements: dining bench, working bureau, display cabinets etc. A lightweight timber roof structure is placed on top of the garden wall, spanning between it and the existing building. Large glazed pivot doors at either end of the side extension open onto an internal courtyard and the garden, re enforcing the 'in between' nature of this space. 

The project is due to be submitted for planning in January 2018.